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AATT Panel at MESA 2023


A Panel in Memory of Walter Andrews: Prospects and Challenges in Ottoman Turkish Studies in North America

Saturday, November 4 at 5:30 pm

Panel Description
The AATT celebrates the new Walter Andrews (1939-2020) graduate student scholarship with this panel by bringing together graduate students and scholars of Ottoman Turkish Studies to discuss the methods, traditions, developments, and recent cutting-edge approaches to Ottoman texts. Apart from his groundbreaking work of more than 50 years, Walter Andrews taught and mentored a number of graduate students and worked with scholars from all over the world. His contributions, spanning from literature to history, performance arts to digital humanities, had always been based on original texts. He insisted on paying close attention to the intricate details in a text and letting them shape his arguments. The panelists will discuss their experiences of deciphering Ottoman texts, whether to incorporate them in their respective disciplines or translate them into Modern Turkish and/or English to make them available for a larger readership.


    Dr. Virginia Aksan -- Chair
    Dr. Didem Havlioglu -- Organizer
    Dr. Erdag Göknar -- Discussant
    Mr. Hacı Gündüz -- Presenter
    Dr. Oscar Aguirre Mandujano -- Presenter
    Efe Balikcioglu -- Presenter
    Sergen Avci -- Presenter

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