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The American Association of Teachers of Turkic (AATT) published a newsletter beginning in 1986, in the spring and fall of each year. Since 2022 the AATT Newsletter is being published annually. A complete set of all newsletters is no longer available, although xeroxed copies can be obtained for the cost of duplication. For further information please contact the previous editor.  For contributions to upcoming newsletters, please contact the editors Banu Ozer Griffin at Cornell University and Oya Topçuoğlu at Northwestern University.

Newsletters: Text

For contributions to upcoming newsletters, please contact:


Oya Topçuoğlu

Northwestern University

Banu Ozer Griffin

Cornell University

Issues Volumes Years

Winter 2024

Spring 2023

Summer 2021

Winter 2021

Summer 2020



Editor: Erika H. Gilson
Numbers 1-19
ISSN 1062-6840

Editor: Kemal Silay
Numbers 20-21
ISSN 1062-6840

Editor: Pelin Basci
Numbers 22-36
ISSN 1062-6840

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