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AATT Roundtable at MESA 2022

"Envisioning New Directions and Post-Pandemic Practices for Teaching and Learning in the Field of Turkish and Turkic Languages"

Wednesday, December 7 at 12:00 pm

This year’s AATT Roundtable will take place at the Annual Meeting of the Middle East Studies Association (MESA). The Roundtable will focus on best practices for envisioning new directions and post-pandemic practices for teaching and learning in the field of Turkish & Turkic Languages. The COVID-19 pandemic brought continuing effects for the learning and teaching of the Turkish language. These unusual circumstances created a new normal and complelled instructors to enact changes and gave opportunities to redesign and innovate our cirriculums. Amidst so many challenges we discovered new teaching methods and tools through which to promote cultural competence, form communication skills, and connect with our students. This year’s Roundtable will be providing a space for sharing how our teaching evolved as a result of teaching during the pandemic. In what ways moving back to in-person from online practices impacting our instruction? How did Turkic language educators apply what was used to innovate their curricula? What various instructional modes are kept and what others are left? What additional opportunities are available to Turkic language learners? Some of the topics that will be addressed are as follows:

  • Instructional materials and tools to design an effective post-pandemic classroom setting

  • Development of program, materials, and resources for instructional activities and methods of assessment.

  • Practical concerns and applicable suggestions on teaching and assessment

  • Effective integration of digital teaching practices into-in-person or hybrid teaching

  • Strategies that boost student motivation and linguistic confidence 

  • Best practices in the field to provide recommendations for implementation.

Roundtable Participants

  • Dr. Kağan Arik — Presenter

  • Dr. Emrah Şahin — Presenter

  • Mrs. İlknur Lider — Chair

  • Mrs. Banu Özer-Griffin — Organizer

  • Dr. Meryem Demir — Presenter

  • Dr. Gözde Mercan — Presenter

For more information about the roundtable, please click here.

If yo have any questions about the Roundtable, please contact Banu Özer-Griffin.

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