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Past AATT Conferences

  • 8th AATT Conference 2023 Virtual- "Reach All Teach All: Turkish and Turkic Languages Connecting and Collaborating with Others” 

  • 7th AATT Conference 2022 Virtual - "Teaching Turkic Languages in a Changing World"

  • 6th AATT Conference 2021 Virtual - “Teaching Turkish and Turkic Languages During Pandemic: Past, Present and Future Directions”

  • 5th AATT Conference 2020 Virtual - “21 Century Language Learning Standards and Curriculum Design.”

  • 4th AATT Conference 2019 - “Pedagogical Approaches to Turkic Languages”-Tulane University

  • 3rd AATT Conference - 2018 -“Curriculum, Program and Materials Development in Teaching Turkic Languages and Literatures“, UT Austin.

  • 2nd AATT Conference -2017 - “Challenges and Opportunities in Teaching Turkic Languages and Literatures" Georgetown University

  • 1st AATT Conference – 2016 - “Approaches to Teaching Turkic Languages and Literatures” Harvard University.

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