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Past Recipients


  • Aziza Barkuschwabe, Boston University

  • Svetlana Ostroverkhova, University of Washington

  • Teagon Cameron, University of Toronto

  • Wajiha Masroor, University of Texas at Austin


  • Austin Dimitris Gkoulimaris (UT Austin)

  • Juliet (Jae) Weller (University of Michigan,
    University Wisconsin-Madison)

  • Liam Declan Savage (University of Washington)

  • Nitisha Ponnappan (NYU)   


  • Michael Barron (University of Pennsylvania)

  • Sam Breazeale (University of Michigan)


  • Liana  Malinovsky (University of Michigan)

  • Madison Maxey (Stanford University) 

  • Spencer Cook (Georgetown University)

Deadline: June 30


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The Redhouse Prize for Best Progress in Turkish was established by the Turkish Studies Association (now the Ottoman and Turkish Studies Association) in 1991, and continue to be available annually, in North America, designated for four outstanding students who deserve public recognition.


Language awards committee will oversee the annual awards. 

Student Eligibility

Any student (graduate or undergraduate) who, in the designated academic year, completes a full-year course at any level in Modern Turkish at a university in the US and Canada offering such courses in its regular program (including summertime courses) is eligible for nomination. However, the language awards committee reserves the right to evaluate each applicant eligibility on an individual basis. Student eligibility is limited to a “once-in-a-lifetime” award.

Eligible Institutions

Any institution that offers regularly scheduled Turkish language instruction in the US or Canada.

Nomination Procedure

Each institution may select ONE nominee annually, judged at faculty discretion to be the student who made the most progress in Modern Turkish in the designated academic year.  The nominee’s name must be submitted, with supporting material by the deadline to the Language Awards Committee, who—with whatever consultation is necessary—will make the final choice of recipients of the award. The Language Awards Committee will make their final choice of two recipients by mid September, and the Committee will forward the information to the President of OTSA.

  • AATT will arrange for the recipients to be informed of their selection and to receive their prizes by mail or (preferably) at the OTSA Annual Meeting.

  • The President of OTSA informs institutions of their students’ awards.

The application/nomination package must be e-mailed to: 
Subject line: Redhouse Application

Nomination Package

Although no official nomination form has been devised, the faculty nomination package must include the following:           
●    A brief letter explaining why you nominated this student.
●    A cover sheet with the student’s name and email address, institutional affiliation and area of study, name of course instructor[s] and department chair, and student's academic dean and their email addresses.

Maximum two writing samples and one oral sample (video clip, interview etc.) collected over the year, which demonstrate the student's progress in Turkish.

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